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Thursday, January 13, 2011

No More 'WEIGHT'ing!!

As you can see by the ticker at the top of this blog, I started my New Year's Resolution/Goal!!
And, as you can also see, I am actually doing quite well!!

I have put my mind to it (AGAIN) and I am pushing along!

Now I do this EVERY year, only for it to dwindle off.
But this year is MY year!!
And to start it off I got to start ME off..
in the right direction!!

So far so good...

I do have to credit my good progress partly to my friend Bridget!!
She showed me this AWESOME website and supports me there, as well!!

Having to keep track of every meal and exercise is important!

I think it is really fun!
Especially to see my progress.
I also think it makes you more aware of what you put into your much, as well as how much.
It is there for anyone /everyone to see.
You can see how many calories you burn per workout activity...and this makes you want to move more!!

One of the cool features is that you can link it to your Twitter or Facebook account(s)!
So a whole range of family/friends can view your progress!

Go check it out!! Whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 50...
it's so worth it!!

On another note:
I wanted to share...

Back in 1999, I borrowed a book from my mom.
This book was awesome and so inspiring!!
It helped me lose 30 lbs.!!

I took the info from this book and added some workout time.
Nothing big, just my good old stationary bike.
The more I lost the more I wanted to lose, so I increased my time on the bike.
I went from 10 mins. to 2 hrs.--broke into two one hr. sessions.
It was my TV time, so I pedaled as I watched.

Anyway, I wound up returning the book to my mom.

4 years later she passed away. So while going through her things I looked for this book.
But it wasn't there! She must have loaned it out. I was a bit disappointed because I really
would have liked to have had it.

So over the years...
as I started to gain weight...
I would think about that book.
Wishing I had it.

Well, deciding that this year is MY year,
also made me decide that
I wanted
I needed
that book.

So with the help of good old Ebay...
for a whole $4 (including s&h!!)
I now own

Be sure to pick up a copy!!!

I think you'll LOVE it, too!!


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